Autumn illustration – Relaxing speedpaint

My latest speedpaint, created in between work projects. Not complaining or anything but sometimes it is really hard to find some spare time for personal art. However, I strongly recommend to actually try and find it. As often as possible. First of all, it will help to take a break from current projects and relax your mind. Secondly, doing something for yourself always helps to refill creative resources and refresh the perspective.

Me personally, I love autumn. Especially the beautiful nature during this season. Everything looks so much different outside. The colors, the weather. Okay, the weather could be better, but it still brings its own charm J All this makes autumn the most dreamy and mystic time of the year for me. So I guess it’s not a surprise that I took my inspiration from autumn.

This particular illustration turned out a bit different from my latest works. I went with a different color palette. Fully created around orange – autumn’s signature color. The leaves are starting to turn bright orange tones here where I live, and I absolutely love those bursts of orange.

I did the whole illustration in Procreate. And added a little color correction in Photoshop. Only to make tones a bit cooler. Seeing how the image was forming I thought it would be a good idea to record the drawing process and share with you guys. It’s a short 2 minute video with some additional comments. Hope you will find those interesting or useful.

As always, if like my drawing process, leave a “thumbs up” or a comment. Enjoy!

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