Anniko - Coaching services
Anna Kuptsova - Illustrator, Creative Designer, Art Director

My name is Anna, I’m an illustrator, art director & creative designer from Ukraine. My whole life is set around art, creative industry and digital technologies. I’m currently represented by Bright international illustration agency and most of my work lies in this sphere.

Over the last 10 years I had an opportunity to work with great clients and companies on various fascinating projects. Just to name a few: Samsung, Medium, Wacom, Esquire, Bacardi.

As my experience grew over the years and I achieved more success in creative sphere, I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone who is interested in art and building the career as visual artist. That’s why I started my Art Blog.

But as I get so many questions and requests for advice, it’s hard to do that in a blog format. I’d like to be able to provide a better help. And this means a personal approach to every individual case and matter. That’s why started to offer my professional assistance to everyone in need of it. If you are looking for 1 on 1 coaching and consulting, I’d be happy to help.

If you need help with your Portfolio, Career or Particular project, feel free to book a Consultation session with me.

How I can Help You

Anniko - Portfolio Review services

Portfolio Review

For the Portfolio review we will review your work, your website or social profiles. I will give my critical assessment and advice you what can be improved and why. The goal is to make your work stand out and show your strongest sides

Anniko Career advice services

Career Advice

In these sessions I will share my experience on how to achieve your specific goals, how to set your career on the most efficient and productive path. I will take into account your current experience and vision and we will set a realistic plan for you.

Anniko Illustration Advice

Illustration Advice

We will take a look at your illustration style, review your creative preferences. I will provide my evaluation of your execution and storytelling decisions. I will advise the most appropriate practices for your particular style.

Anniko Design Advice

Design Advice

I will review your design work. This may include packaging designs, social media materials, landings, websites etc. Based on your task I will provide my assessment of your execution and design choices and advice on how to improve those.

Anniko Branding Consulting

Branding Consulting

These sessions are for companies and individuals who are aiming to establish a strong and recognizable visual direction for their brand. We will review your current materials, your ideas and goals. I will advise on the ways to improve the visual delivery and overall direction.

Anniko project review services

Project Review

In these sessions I will review your specific project. We will find the best way to enhance your style and execution in that particular case. I will advise on how to improve the presentation effect and correct any missteps.

This is for you if you are:

• An aspiring art enthusiast

• Young professional

An illustrator

A designer

All of my consultations are always 1:1. Personalized approach is a key to successful results in my opinion.
In order for me to be able to help first I always spend some time getting to know the project, portfolio or a particular task in question.
It can take from a day to a week in certain cases. This time is Not included into the session duration.
Only after that I give my professional advice on the issue.

My Pricing

Obviously, some tasks are more complex than others. For example, reviewing the portfolio differs from giving an advice on a particular web design project. That’s why the price for 1-hour session varies depending on the task.

The minimum price starts at USD 50 per hour. Of course, I will be able to tell the exact pricing after I get to know and understand the individual issue. I will always tell the price before we set up the coaching session.

The coaching/consulting session can last several hours if needed. It’s up to you to decide. But a minimum cost is always equals the 1-hour price for a particular task.

How to Book my Help

1 – Fill this form

2 – I will get back to you regarding your request

3 – We will Book a 1:1 session at convenient time